Tiffany Stained Glass Technique and Tiffany Style Lamp Making At Affordable Prices In Florida and In California.

Tiffany Technique Artist In Florida - Csilla Soós

Tiffany Technique Artist In Florida – Csilla Soós

I make custom Tiffany stained glass thechnique jewelry, Tiffany style gifts and unique Tiffany lamps in Florida and in California.

The Tiffany technique was developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the late 1880s. He is credited with the design of opalescent glass. The first Tiffany lamp he first introduced to the public at the 1893 Chicago Exposition.

Until then, decorative glazing had used glass colored with kiln-fired paint. Tiffany’s glass cannot be seen through, creating a suggestive atmosphere and coming alive with light.

A well-chosen, tasteful Tiffany stained glass lamp can highlight and enhance the aesthetic value of your home. It can transform our living space, bringing color, light, serenity, calm, and harmony to our home.

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Stained Glass Pictures and Videos Gallery – Csilla Soós

Tiffany Lamps – Making Custom Tiffany Stained Glass Technique Lamps

The rays of light from Tiffany Technique lamps will turn your apartment into a jewel box and your house into a home. I not only make Tiffany Lamps but also restore existing lamps.
A characteristic of making a Tiffany lamp is that when ordering, you should be aware of the amount of time needed to make a complete lampshade. The price of a Tiffany Lamp is not necessarily determined by the number of square meters of glass used.

If you are looking for a unique and sophisticated Tiffany lamp: it can be done, but not without a little time. Not only do you have to perfectly cut and fit the glass pieces side by side in the plane, but there are curves, indentations, and convexities.

This means they will certainly be a bigger investment than those made in China to be resold for 50-100 euros. These often plastic lampshades are usually horribly welded, assembled, and generally very poor quality works. From a few meters away, they sometimes look tolerable, but on closer inspection they are terrible.

These are the kind of frames you see in the biggest DIY and home improvement stores. They should be better known as plastic colored lamp shades.

So if you don’t care about a unique color lamp shade and just want it to look pretty from afar – then you’re probably not looking for a hand-assembled Tiffany Lamp with actual glass. In that case, a good choice is a ready-made mass-produced product.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of having a unique Tiffany Lamp made, beautifully assembled, and made of real glass, there are 5 main variations to choose from:

Table Tiffany Lamp: awhere the base can be made of copper, wood, or stained glass
Tiffany Lamp Cabinet: has the advantage that it can be used as a light pedestal, for example.
Ceiling Tiffany Stained Glass Lamp: this is the fixed type, suspended.
Ceiling Tiffany Stained Glass Chandelier: a classic copper or even wrought iron chandelier hanging from the ceiling, with stained glass lampshades
– Tiffany stained glass wall lamps stained glass wall inserts used to illuminate staircases and corridors

To view all my work on Tiffany stained glass lamps, please visit the stained glass gallery on the main page and select the subcategory TIFFANY LAMPS  under „SELECT CATEGORY » » »”


Tiffany Stained Glass Work Gallery

Two Blue Tiffany Lamps Dome – Standing

Two Blue Tiffany Lamps Dome - Standing - Csilla Soós

Metal and Table Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps

Metal and Tiffany Stained Glass Lamps (Table Lamps) - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Art Deco Lamp (Tiffany Lamp)

Stained Glass Art Deco Lamp (Tiffany Lamp) - Csilla Soós

Tiffany Wall Lamp

Tiffany Wall Lamp - Csilla Soós

Tiffany Ceiling Light Lamp

Tiffany Ceiling Light Lamp - Csilla Soós

Tiffany Ceiling Light Chandelier – Stained Glass and Wrought Iron Combination

Tiffany Ceiling Light Chandelier - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Cabinet Tiffany Lamp

Stained Glass Cabinet Tiffany Lamp - Csilla Soós


The secret of Tiffany’s success is that she has improved on the stained-glass technique used in the Middle Ages. It has made the work of glass artists easier and has made it possible to create ornamental objects and decorative elements that require special design with greater precision and detail. Stained glass has a long tradition and its role was most important in the Gothic and Art Nouveau periods. This technique is mainly used for larger surfaces.

The stained glass works are made up of small pieces of glass, which are placed in a lead mold and fused together at the meeting points. Tiffany glass is itself a material of glass colored with metal oxide. In the manufacture of the glass, coloring oxides are mixed with base or additive materials to color the glass. The Tiffany technique is a process that creates rigid, unbreakable bonds around the glass. A self-adhesive copper foil is smoothed over the cut glass pieces, which are cut to size and shape, and then the pieces are joined together using a tin-lead alloy to create the desired pattern and color.

If you have any questions about Tiffany lamps, please email or contact me at

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Tiffany style is named after the technique used to make artistic objects from pieces of glass. Thanks to this technique, decorative glass artwork is very popular all over the world. The copper foil method, also known as the Tiffany technique of stained glass, is a process that creates a rigid, indestructible bond around the glass. A self-adhesive copper foil is smoothed over the shaped, polished glass and then the glass is held together with tin-lead alloy.

The framework is silver-colored, so we use various chemicals to give it an antique copper, bronze, or black effect. The charm and elegance of leaded decorative glass can be the focal point of any traditional or modern home with Tiffany glass. Created by stained glass artists, they create a stunning visual effect on chandeliers or lamps.


Making a Tiffany lamp is an extremely meticulous process. Once a template is made, each piece of glass must be cut and polished to the desired shape. They are then covered with copper foil and soldered. The silvery pewter is then patinated either black or bronze. The finished lamp only needs a cleaning and, once assembled with the base, the work of art can be enjoyed.

The more and smaller the pieces of a lamp or chandelier are, the longer it takes to make it. Such an exclusive, unique, handmade object can be a great gift for your loved ones, thanks to its wonderful play of colors it can serve as an ornament for your home, and its uniqueness guarantees success.

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