Unique stained glass gifts and Tiffany stained glass gifts for your loved ones, relatives, friends, and acquaintances at affordable prices in Florida and in California.

If you are tired of dull, commercial gifts and want to surprise friends and family with something special and long-lasting, why not go for a custom-made piece of colored glass art?

Stained glass gifts or tiffany technique gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations, no matter the occasion. An ideal gift can be stained glass ornaments for christmas, stained glass picture frames, stained glass suncatchers or a stained glass jewelry box.

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Stained Glass Pictures and Videos Gallery – Csilla Soós


Stained Glass Work Gallery

Stained Glass Gift: Megastar Star Award

Stained Glass Gift: Megastar Star Award - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Gift: Great Duet Award

Stained Glass Gift: Great Duet Award - Csilla Soós

Unique Stained Glass Wall Art: Modern Image

Unique Stained Glass Wall Art: Modern Image - Csilla Soós

Modern Curved Stained Glass Wall Image

Modern Curved Stained Glass Wall Image - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Inlay Tea Box

Stained Glass Mirror Souvenir

Stained Glass Mirror Souvenir - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Mirror Baroque Style

Stained Glass Mirror: Baroque Style - Csilla Soós

Assorted Stained Glass Gift Items

Assorted Stained Glass Gift Items - Csilla Soós

Assorted Stained Glass Gift Pictures

Assorted Stained Glass Gift Pictures - Csilla Soós



For any questions or orders for stained glass gift items/souvenirs, please email or contact me at the following phone number

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Stained Glass Gift Artist In Florida - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Gift Artist In Florida – Csilla Soós

I can make anything from a variety of ornaments, jewelry, jewelry boxes to window ornaments, from wall clocks to mirrors framed with Tiffany stained glass.

If you want something unique and valuable, give a Tiffany lamp as a gift. The Tiffany technique can be used to make many beautiful and useful objects, but one of the most practical gifts you can give is a clock. Clocks are tools that everyone uses on a daily basis, making them a first-class, highly popular gift item.

When made from stained glass using the Tiffany technique, they are a wonderful, unique piece of art. Each piece is a personalized surprise. From the very simple to the more complex, we can implement a wide range of ideas. Personalize the ornamental piece with any pattern or symbol that is important or special to the recipient.

A personalized object will play a more central role in the home of the person receiving the present. A clock is also a rewarding gift because we look at it several times a day and remember who gave it to us. It can be wall or table mounted. A piece of unique, handmade Tiffany stained glass jewelry can be a wonderful gift too.

What woman doesn’t enjoy a new piece of jewelry? A well-chosen pair of earrings, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring can be a treasured gift. If we know that the lady already has a lot of jewelry, a beautiful Tiffany jewelry box or jewelry holder can be a practical gift. Our gift ideas are endless, it is up to your creativity and our know-how to come up with the perfect gift for that special person so we can truly say: It’s a pleasure to give as well as to receive.

Want to give something unique to your partner, parent, colleague, or friend? A gift item made of lead glass can be an excellent choice. It can be functional, such as a candle holder, tea box with a stained glass insert.
But if you need something special and eye-catching, you can also opt for a simple stained glass paintings or a leaded glass wall picture.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for a beautiful yet functional stained glass wall decoration, go for a beautiful mirror or a stained glass clock.

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