How much does the stained glass cost in Florida or in California? The stained glass prices depend to a large extent on the method of manufacture and the assembly technique.

If you would like to buy Stained Glass windows you can find information in this page regarding the custom stained glass prices per square foot and the unique stained glass window costs in Florida and in California.

Stained Glass Prices In Miami, Florida - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Prices In Miami, Florida – Csilla Soós

Custom leaded glass and stained glass artwork at affordable prices. Making stained glass windows and inserts for doors and windows, entrances, decorative glass, Tiffany technique with colored glass, Tiffany lamps. You can find more details about the stained glass prices on this page.

The cost of stained glass windows depends to a large extent on the method of manufacture; the assembly technique: stained glass or Tiffany technique; whether the stained glass needs to be placed in a three-layer protective glass; whether it needs to be treated with Schwarzlott paint, beveled, or fused/melted.


A friend recently asked me:
– What is the price per square foot of stained glass?
I replied.
– How much does a new car cost?
He immediately replied with:
– What type of car?
I could only answer that with a question
– What type of stained glass are we talking about?

The gist of this little conversation about the price of stained glass shows us that there is no such thing as how much a piece of stained glass artwork costs, as there are almost as many factors to consider as there are when buying a car. The price of a car also depends on many things: whether you want a Mercedes or a Chevy, what model, how is it equipped: leather seats, how many airbags, what engine and paint job, etc.

You can buy a car for a thousand dollars or ten thousand, even more. The choice is yours.

The price of stained glass depends on what you want. In the meantime, you should know that I am happy to work with you and meet you where you are (as long as the job can be done), so

If you have any questions about the price of my custom stained glass artwork, please email me at or contact me at

+1 (424) 667-2826

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 The wide range of products allows my customers who order stained glass to add the most stylish decorative elements to their homes and offices. To ensure that my customers are fully satisfied, they can be involved in the design process from the very first moment. Thanks to the professionalism of the work process, high quality is guaranteed. The prices of Tiffany stained glass pieces range widely, with the grand total being influenced by several factors. I try to tailor the prices of my custom artwork to the financial means of my customers so that they can choose from the cheapest items available to everyone to highly unique and extravagant pieces.


If you are thinking of commissioning stained glass art, please be sure to consider what will fit within your budget. Give it some thought: how much can you spend on the piece? Not because the price of a nice stained glass window or door insert is prohibitive. But rather, I want you to know what you are getting with a custom stained glass window, as well as why it costs what it costs.


  • whether a specific design already exists – or whether I have to make it myself
  • difficulty of the pattern – straight or more curved motifs
  • the number of pieces of glass in the stained glass – and their complexity
  • the number of items of glass and the weight of the lead to be used
  • the number of parts of glass and the amount of copper foil used (per meters)
  • type and quantity of glass used
  • the pattern of glass, i.e. whether it will be painted
  • number of man-hours used – a lot of them are needed for Tiffany curved lampshades
  • The final size of 1 piece of stained glass in square meters
  • the total quantity of pieces of stained glass – i.e. how many pieces are needed for the target location

————— *

  • protective glazing – plain insulation or safety glass
  • location and accessibility of delivery
  • complexity of installation – can it be installed from ground level or does it require scaffolding

* Approximate prices (final price can be higher or lower than the threshold prices)



My Custom Handmade Unique Stained Glass Prices

from $199 / sq ft


Optional Extras

  • delivery to your home
  • protective glass


When it comes to custom-made stained glass art, you really do get what you pay for. It’s important to point out that uniqueness and professional workmanship have always cost more than a mass-produced item.

You can order colorful lead glass from many places, but if they don’t assemble it for you statically and the lead framework is not constructed professionally: one day the whole piece may fall apart! So you will end up paying more in the long run than if you had invested in quality in the first place.

That’s why a professionally built stained glass window or door insert, partition, or lamp will stand the test of time, not fade, lose color, intensity, or even break after years of use.

Stained Glass Prices In Florida - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Prices In Florida – Csilla Soós

There are many ways to make stained glass, but few artists can create truly excellent work. That is why each work is so exciting because each one is different. It takes many years of knowledge, experience, experimentation, and research to find the right tools and to be able to apply them with excellence. All the while…

…I’ve lost a few hundred square meters of glass, a few tons of lead, many kilometers of copper foil and I’ve sustained a few hundred cuts on my hands since 1999 because that’s how long I’ve been actively making stained glass art on a daily basis. There is no machine that can do it all for you. But the wounds heal, and the stained glass will continue to bring light and color to its owner’s soul decades to come. For me, that’s what matters, that’s what makes a lasting impression: that’s what counts.

I look forward to your kind call and/or email.

For any questions or orders, please email me at or contact me at

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