Stained glass windows and unique leaded glass doors at affordable prices in Florida and in California.

I make custom stained glass windows and doors, church stained glass windows, ornamental glass surfaces with the Tiffany technique from colored glass in Florida and in California. I also make stained glass gifts and leaded glass restoration.

Stained Glass Artist in Miami, Florida - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Artist in Miami, Florida – Csilla Soós

The stained glass/leaded glass prices depend greatly on the method of manufacture and the assembly technology: whether we use a lead frame or Tiffany glass technique; is it necessary to place the glass into a several-layer protective glass. Furthermore, the cost of the stained glass depend on whether they include Scwarzlott painting, beveled edges, or if the glass is melted. I make unique lead glass inlays for doors, windows, and other openings, for walls, closets, partitions, and stairway railings.



The main feature of these church/religious stained glass items is that they depict saints and/or religious symbols. They are characterized by their larger size, and often the parts of the glass depicting saints and symbols are painted with Schwarzlott glass paint, which is then fired at 800+ degrees Celsius.

I have made lead glass:
– for a whole church
– I’ve also made stained glass depicting a single saint, for example for the confessional and the sacristy of a church
– I have also restored church stained glass

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To view all my stained glass work please visit the stained glass gallery on the main page.


The main features of my stained glass window and door work are that the clients are mainly private people, house or apartment owners.
My customers are characterized by a demand for uniqueness. For them, mass-produced is not good enough. They don’t want to see another stained glass door or window like theirs anywhere else.

My corporate stained glass customers typically order everything from hotel lobby pieces to their company logo. But it also happens, for example, that a village or small town council wants to have the municipal coat of arms made for a window in their town hall, or perhaps their community – culture center.

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The light from Tiffany Technique lamps transforms your apartment into a jewel box and your house into a home. I also deal with Tiffany Lamp restoration along with creating such pieces. When placing an order, please take into account the time needed for the complete lampshade.
The price of a stained glass lamp made using the Tiffany technique will not necessarily be as high due to the number of square meters of glass used.
If you want a unique and sophisticated Tiffany lamp: it can be done, but not without a little time. Also, it will certainly not cost as little as the ones they make in China from plastic for tiny wages to sell for 50-100 euros. These often plastic shades are usually welded in a terrible way and are very low quality. Yes, they may almost look nice from a distance, but on closer inspection, they are very poor pieces of work.

However, if you are thinking of having a Custom Tiffany Lamp made, there are 5 main variations to choose from:
Table Tiffany Lamp: where the base can be made of copper, wood, or stained glass.
Tiffany Lamp Cabinet: has the advantage that it can be used as a lighting pedestal, for example.
Ceiling Tiffany Stained Glass Lamp: this is the fixed suspended type.
Ceiling Tiffany Stained Glass Chandelier: a classic copper or even wrought iron chandelier hanging from the ceiling, with stained glass lamp shades.
– Tiffany stained glass wall lamps: stained glass wall inserts used to illuminate staircases, corridors.

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Want to give something unique to your partner, parent, colleague, or friend? A gift item made of stained glass can be an excellent choice. It can be functional such as a candle holder, tea box with stained glass inlay.
But if you need it to be unique and beautiful, you can also opt for a simple stained glass wall picture.
If you are looking for a beautiful yet functional stained glass souvenir for your wall, you can opt for a stained glass mirror.

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Broken, falling apart? Has the stained glass come loose? Broken at the solderings? Or is it just bulging out from its plane?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your stained glass may need restoration.
– Is it worth restoring the existing stained glass?
– If you want to preserve it and restore it to its former glory, then by all means. It won’t cost as much as if you had to make it from scratch, but it might be a lot of work. In any case, feel free to ask questions, because that doesn’t cost a thing.

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To sum up: stained glass can be used to make very beautiful mirrors, souvenirs, overlights, or even complete Tiffany lamps. I can also make you stained glass for entrance and interior doors or even kitchen cabinets. For religious institutions, churches, I make stained glass depicting religious, biblical figures or saints. I also repair and restore old, damaged church stained glass depicting saints, as well as creating complete church-themed stained glass works.

To view all my stained glass work please visit the stained glass gallery on the main page

Stained glass is a luxury product of European civilization, which has been a source of fascination for beauty connoisseurs for hundreds of years. The technique of stained glass is undoubtedly the most sophisticated decorative solution, which can be considered a form of painting. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is the human imagination.


Stained Glass Pictures and Videos Gallery – Csilla Soós

When stained glass first appeared, it was used exclusively to decorate churches and houses of prayer, mostly depicting religious themes. Its popularity is due to the effect of sunlight shining through colored windows and doors, which provides a sense of spiritual harmony.

Church Stained Glass Restoration: Unitarian Church - Csilla SoósWe can bring a similar experience into our everyday lives by using stained glass in our homes. Stained glass is a kind of art that is constantly moved, shaped, and brought to life by light in infinite variations. In addition to the use of natural light, we can also illuminate them with artificial light.

There are no limits to the creation of stained glass, a skilled artist can create any decorative glass object or furnishing. Its special aesthetic and visual impact can be used to enhance the decorative value of a room, provide spaces with more atmosphere, add a sense of seriousness and/or elegance and prestige.
Nowadays, there is a renewed interest in glassworks that can lend this special atmosphere to homes, businesses, and places of worship. Tiffany stained glass lamps, for example, are increasingly being discovered as more than just a decorative solution, they can also be a work of art in their own right.

If you have any questions about stained glass, or if you would like to place an order, please send an email to or contact me at the following telephone number

+1 (424) 667-2826

Stained glass became increasingly popular at the beginning of the 12th century, and for centuries it was used exclusively in church buildings. Because of their solemn, sublime atmosphere, they were often used to decorate places of worship, where they served not only a decorative function but also an educational one. In the Gothic period, this artistic movement developed enormously, with colorful patterns and designs flooding the surfaces of windows. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the mass production of window and door glass led to the decline of stained glass. At the beginning of the 19th century, stained glass was revived and restoration of medieval stained glass artifacts began.

In this period, however, only glass that was too pure compared to the ones used in the Middle Ages could be produced. It was then that antique glass production began, an attempt to imitate the imperfect glass-making of the Middle Ages. This uneven, noble, artificially blown, hand-made glass became the most important raw material for stained glass. From the end of the last century, colored glass windows were often used in public buildings and became part of everyday life, becoming an art form as common in architecture as sculpture or painting, decorating hotels, banks, bourgeois salons, and staircases.


Stained Glass Artist in Miami, Florida - Csilla Soós

Stained Glass Artist in Miami, Florida – Csilla Soós

In common parlance, the term ‘stained glass’ often includes lead and copper foil creations used in everyday life, such as the famous Tiffany lamps. The material itself is stained glass, which is mainly colored by the addition of metallic salts. The pieces of colored glass are transformed into a complete window in which the mosaics of stained glass, held together by thin strips of lead, are used to form various unique motifs or images. The artworks are held in place by rigid frames. As an art form, stained glass requires great talent and skills, as well as a high degree of engineering precision, as we have to mentally plan out a quality masterpiece that can be implemented with great precision.

A window has to fit exactly where it is designed to fit, it has to withstand the elements, and, especially for gigantic windows, perhaps the most important factor is that it has to be able to support its own weight. These pieces will stand the test of time, as we only have to think of the eye-catching medieval works that have survived almost intact for posterity.

Stained glass designs can be non-figurative, but they can also depict specific images, perhaps of some historical or literary significance, such as biblical scenes, biblical figures, saints, patron saints in the case of churches for whom the stained glass windows are created, or they can have symbolic meanings, such as coats of arms. Stained glass can be a stunning aesthetic experience in churches, parliaments, school halls, or even in our own homes.

It is practically impossible to find two pieces alike, as each piece reflects a distinct personality, bearing the hand of the stained glass artist and their personal stylistic traits, in harmony with the client’s own style.


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Browse through our stained glass gallery and if you like a particular decoration or piece of art, contact me and I will create it for you to your taste. I can make stained glass works in most cities in the state of Florida:

City County
Miami Miami-Dade County
Tampa Hillsborough County
St. Petersburg Pinellas County
Orlando Orange County
Hialeah Miami-Dade County
Fort Lauderdale Broward County
Port St. Lucie St. Lucie County
Pembroke Pines Broward County
Cape Coral Lee County
Hollywood Broward County
Miramar Broward County
Coral Springs Broward County
Clearwater Pinellas County
Miami Gardens Miami-Dade County
Brandon Hillsborough County
Palm Bay Brevard County
West Palm Beach Palm Beach County
Pompano Beach Broward County
Lakeland Polk County
Davie Broward County
Miami Beach Miami-Dade County
Lehigh Acres Lee County
Plantation Broward County
Sunrise Broward County
Boca Raton Palm Beach County


Custom stained glass artwork and delivery primarily to these cities and counties in California.


Kornel Galambos, Regional Sales Representative, CA
Kornel Galambos
Regional Sales Representative, CA

MOBILE: +1 (424) 667-2826
ADDRESS: Unit 1626
269 South Beverly Drive
90212 Beverly Hills

In addition, I am happy to make stained glass artwork for other cities and areas in the state of California. If you would like to place an order from another city or you would like to get a price request quote, please contact me to discuss the details.

City County
Los Angeles Los Angeles County
San Diego San Diego County
San Jose Santa Clara County
San Francisco San Francisco County
Fresno Fresno County
Sacramento Sacramento County
Long Beach Los Angeles County
Oakland Alameda County
Bakersfield Kern County
Anaheim Orange County
Stockton San Joaquin County
Riverside Riverside County
Santa Ana Orange County
Irvine Orange County
Chula Vista San Diego County
Fremont Alameda County
Santa Clarita Los Angeles County
San Bernardino San Bernardino County
Modesto Stanislaus County
Moreno Valley Riverside County
Fontana San Bernardino County
Oxnard Ventura County
Huntington Beach Orange County
Glendale Los Angeles County
Santa Rosa Sonoma County

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