Church Stained Glass Windows: Ipolyvisk Church (Video)

Video About The Church Stained Glass Window production in the Ipolyvisk Szent Margit Parish Church by Stained Glass Artist, Csilla Soós.

The stained glass windows of the Szent Margit Parish Church in Ipolyvisk depict the following saints: Sára Boldog Salkaházi, Szent Johanna, II. Pope John Paul II, Prince Saint Imre, Mother Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Margaret of Árpád, László Batthyány-Strattmann, Father Saint Pio.

The stained glass windows of the St. Margaret’s Parish Church in Ipolyvisk shine in a wonderful light from the outside, during the evening masses. During the day, the penetrating sunlight colors the interior of the church.

With János Lormusz, Ipolyvisk Parish Priest, we continuously supervised the stained glass installation works. It was a great honor for me to create permanent stained glass works of art for another church.

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